Pozycinski Studios, Glass and Bronze Sculpture


Coral Orange Rabbit Box Finished

Original box on right, made of pvc pipe, plastiline,
and wax sticks.

Wax boxes in flasks ready for investment plaster.

Invested wax box.

Invested boxes after wax is steamed and then burned out.

Placing colored glass frit in molds in kiln.

Glass boxes and sticks after fired.  The flasks are
taken off and the plaster is carefully removed from glass.

Clay original of rabbit is destroyed when the  
yellow mold material is cut away. Sprue bar
with rabbits and herons.

Sprue bars with rabbits, birds, and monkeys
 for sculptures, ready for investment plaster.

Three flasks,  filled with bronze in foundry, after
waxes in previous picture were invested and
 the wax was burned out.


Raw bronze castings with plaster quenched off when hot.

Sandblasted raw casting before they are cut off
the sprue bar, chased, and polished. 

Working on putting it all together.
The rabbit and bezel have been patinated with a cupric nitrate solution and
sealed.  Next, trying to decide whether to use  bronze or glass sticks for legs.